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Seedlip & Good Sh*t Tropical Summer Cocktail Pitcher

Seedlip & Good Sh*t Tropical Summer Cocktail Pitcher

By Kelly Gibney
Serves 6

The sophisticated herbal notes of Seedlip Garden 108 meets the fun, nostalgic flavours of Good Sh*t Tropical. This is a playful, delicious summery drink to share with friends.


  • 250ml Seedlip Garden 108
  • 2 cans Good Sh*t Tropical (approximately)
  • 4-5 dashes bitters
  • Ice (lots!)
  • Fresh fruit to garnish: cucumber and lemons slices, blueberries, chopped strawberries


  1. Fill your pitcher with lots of ice. Add Seedlip Garden 108. Top with Good Sh*t Tropical soda. You may not need all of the second can depending on the size of your pitcher. Top with the bitters and stir gently.
  2. Add fruit to the pitcher and us a long spoon to push this amongst the ice. Top the pitcher with more fruit so that it looks fresh and colourful. Serve immediately.
  3. Enjoy!

We'd love to see your Seedlip & Good Sh*t Soda creations! Tag us on Instagram @cookandnelson or Facebook @cookandnelsonnz.

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