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Peel & Tonic Opulent Orange, 25g Pack - Cook & Nelson
Opulent Orange, 25g Pack
Peel & Tonic Opulent Orange, 25g Pack - Cook & Nelson
Peel & Tonic Opulent Orange, 25g Pack - Cook & Nelson
Peel & Tonic Opulent Orange, 25g Pack - Cook & Nelson

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A family affair

Peel & Tonic is a proudly family-owned business, deeply entrenched in South Australia. Their commitment to excellence and dedication to crafting the finest garnishes from the freshest produce is a testament to their family’s values and heritage.

The art of selection

Peel & Tonic, believe in the art of selection. We handpick the ripest local fruits, ensuring that they are at the peak of their flavour and freshness. With a meticulous eye for detail, Peel & Tonic expertly dry these fruits, preserving their natural essence, aroma, and nutrients. Most of their fruit is sourced right here in South Australia, where the fertile lands bless us with a diverse array of amazing produce.

Sustainable choices

Peel & Tonic go beyond just dehydrating fruit for cocktails and grazing platters; they are also committed to making sustainable choices. Their premium seasonal fruits are sourced directly from South Australian producers, with each piece carefully handpicked for its shape, quality, and ripeness. Imperfect fruits are not discarded, instead used in their rimming salts to harness zero waste.

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Once your purchase has been completed you will be sent an order confirmation email as well as a seperate email with the tracking information so you can track the progress of your order.

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To cancel your order after payment has been processed please get in touch with us directly by emailing

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Shortly after purchasing your items you will be sent a confirmation email detailing your order. If you do not receive an email confirmation and want to check your purchase was processed feel free to email us at .

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We accept credit card payments via Shopify Payments secure payment gateway from the following issuers: MasterCard, VISA and American Express.