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Grow Your Own Cocktail Garden with Seedlip - Cook & Nelson

Grow Your Own Cocktail Garden with Seedlip

As the art of gardening continues its pandemic-induced renaissance, Seedlip has partnered with local guided gardening brand Green Shoots to offer green-fingered Kiwis a new growing project for spring. 

The very special limited edition Seedlip Cocktail Garden Kit enables Seedlip fans to grow, cultivate, and harvest their own herbs and edible flowers to use in their cocktail creations. Perfect for smaller gardens or apartment living, the guided gardening kit contains nine different herb and edible flower seedlings. 

The kits include two each of the following in mini peat pots: Borage (also known as starflower), coriander, cosmos (colourful daisy-like flowers), fennel, lovage, rocket, sage, Thai basil, and viola (sweet violet). Each kit also contains plant markers, fertiliser, how-to gardening instructions, and one 700ml bottle of Seedlip. 

Once planted, the seedlings should be ready for harvest from around three weeks. Each kit comes with a Seedlip e-book which contains nine spring cocktail recipes and suggestions for using each edible herb and flower garnish once they’ve blossomed. 

Gardeners will be guided as to which plant complements their favourite Seedlip tipple – or they can simply enjoy their Seedlip and tonic over ice with a garnish they know has been lovingly grown at home. 

Green Shoots is the brainchild of Katie Jacobs, who inherited her passion for gardening from her mother and grandmother. Jacobs launched her Guided Gardening business in 2020, with Garden Seedling Kits and other select gardening products as a way to offer people  hassle-free gardening solutions, regardless of the space and skills they have. 

She describes the kits as “almost a complete garden in a box”, with other options available, including the Fragrant Herbs & Salad Seedlings Kit, a Pick & Mix Seedlings Kit, the Leafy Green Lovers Seedlings Kit, and the Vegetable Medley Seedlings Kit. 

Our very own Rebecca Caughey, immediately fell in love with the Green Shoots Guided Gardening Kits when she found them online. 

“Seedlip views itself first and foremost as a nature company, so we’re really excited to partner with Green Shoots. We love Katie’s vision and that she can help so many novice, time-poor gardeners and mums teaching young kids by making this as easy as possible,” she says.

“And there’s just something about growing and harvesting your own food and produce, it just tastes that little bit better so we hope this limited edition kit inspires novice gardeners to get outside and give it a go”. 

The simple four-step process - prep the soil, plant the seedlings, fertilise, then water – means people can start gently harvest their herbs and flowers three weeks later. 

Customers can then create their own cocktails from seed to lip, and while Seedlip is a distilled non-alcoholic spirit, the kits also include a couple of low alcohol recipe ideas.

The kits are available for Auckland delivery only and can be ordered via Greenshoots here. They retail at $99.99 plus $10 delivery for 1 x bottle of Seedlip, 18 seedlings, 18 plant markers, fertiliser and the guided gardening instructions and recipes.

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